New Poll Shows Need for AB 3087 (Kalra), the Healthcare Price Relief Act

Sacramento, CA – Sponsors of AB 3087 (Kalra), the Healthcare Price Relief Act, today released the results of a statewide poll which found voters overwhelmingly support the bill’s approach to reform health care prices. Health Access California, the statewide health consumer advocacy coalition and SEIU California, representing 700,000 working people in California, said the findings create urgency for legislators to deliver price relief to Californians who are struggling to afford soaring health care premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

The survey of likely November 2018 voters conducted by David Binder Research May 17-22 found:

· Two in three California voters support an independent cost commission to review and approve the prices hospitals, doctors, and other providers of health care can charge.

· Strong majorities support government action to bring down health care prices, and support putting limits on what health care providers can charge.

· Over three in four voters (78%) support the California state government taking action to reduce health care costs in the state.

The survey shows voters strongly support the legislative approach in AB 3087 (Kalra), which would establish an independent Cost, Quality, and Equity Commission with the authority and expertise to make health care prices fair, and allows a process for doctors and hospitals to adjust prices when necessary. The Commission would use Medicare reimbursement rates as a baseline, using a precedent set by previous California legislation. Medicare has been setting health care rates for decades and has a transparent, public formula for establishing reimbursement rates for doctors, hospitals and other health care settings.

To speak to the bill sponsors or a representative of David Binder Research about the findings, contact Mike Roth at 916.444.7170.

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